Reach the Right Audience with Generative AI

QAiry simplifies Salesforce Marketing Cloud data management with AI, enabling marketers to intuitively segment their audience through natural language requests. No coding required.

QAiry - AI Audience Segmentation tool in SFMC
QAiry - AI Chat for Audience Segmentation in SFMC

intuitive ai interface

Converse With Your Environment

Enables marketers to easily create data extensions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud through its intuitive chat. This conversational interface simplifies data handling, allowing them to focus on strategy and content. You can also edit and fine-tune the segment as needed.

Data Retrieval

Get Quick Data Results

Unlock rapid and efficient data access from existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud data models or data views. Advanced AI transforms plain language descriptions into precise audience segments in seconds, eliminating complex SQL queries. Get quick and accurate results for real-time decision-making and effective marketing campaigns.

QAiry - Create Data Extension with AI in SFMC
QAiry - Synchronize you Data Extensions from SFMC

Integrate Your Unique Data Model

Harness the Power of Your Custom Data

Unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns by integrating your unique data model with QAiry. This powerful connection with QAiry allows you to leverage your custom data sets, enabling the creation of highly targeted audience segments. With this advanced integration, you can tailor your marketing efforts to reach the right audience with precision.

schedule & automation

Keep Your Audience Segments Updated

Set up automated data refreshes to keep your audience segments current and relevant without manual intervention. With QAiry's scheduling capabilities, you can ensure that your data extensions are consistently updated, allowing your campaigns to always target the most accurate audience.

QAiry - Reach the right audiences by doing segmentation with Artificial Intelligence in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
QAiry - Schedule your requests  easily


Create Highly Targeted Audience Segments

Marketers can intuitively define and refine target groups based on behavior, demographics, and engagement history, without needing to code.
This powerful capability ensures your campaigns are finely tuned to reach the most relevant audience with the most appropriate message.

By targeting your audience more effectively, QAiry helps enhance engagement, boost conversion rates, and drive superior marketing outcomes.


Trusted AI experiences

As a Salesforce ISV Partner, we prioritize the security and integrity of your data within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) environment. Our services, hosted on secure servers and protected by encryption, exclusively generate SQL queries using metadata and interact with SFMC via its API.

This approach ensures that no client data is processed outside of SFMC, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your information at all times. Contact us for more information.

QAiry - Reach the right audiences by doing segmentation with Artificial Intelligence in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Optimize Your Performance in
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

No Coding Required

Removes the need for coding skills, making data accessible for non-technical marketers.


Advanced artificial intelligence interprets natural language requests, simplifying complex data management tasks.

Salesforce Integration

Seamlessly integrated into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enhancing its overall functionality.

Improved User Experience

Delivers results quickly and efficiently, improving the overall user experience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Designed for all users, irrespective of their technical expertise, facilitating broader use and adoption.


Maximize efficiency with our data automation. No manual oversight, saving you precious time.

Transform Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Experience

Unlock the true potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud by integrating advanced AI capabilities. Discover how our solution can make your tasks not only intuitive but extraordinarily impactful.