Data Views with Generative AI

Unlocking the Power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data Views with Generative AI. Simplifying Data Access and Insights!

Unlocking the Power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Data Views

Data Views offer a robust way to query and access historical data about subscribers, emails, SMS, and overall engagement. They provide deep insights into marketing efforts but require complex SQL queries to fully utilize their potential. This is where QAiry steps in to revolutionize the process.

Simplify Data Access with AI-Driven Capabilities

QAiry transforms the complexity of SQL queries into simplified, conversational interactions that any marketer can execute—no SQL knowledge required. By leveraging QAiry's AI-driven capabilities, you can effortlessly harness the analytical power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Data Views. Simply describe your data needs, and QAiry will intelligently generate the SQL query to retrieve data directly from Data Views.

Key Features of QAiry:

  • Simplified Access: Communicate with your data through natural language. QAiry currently supports over 80 languages. This includes popular languages like English, French, Spanish, Chinese and many others.
  • No SQL Required: Forget about the complexity of writing SQL queries. QAiry handles the generation of all SQL needed to interact with Data Views.
  • Real-Time Data Interaction: Quickly refine and adjust your queries in the chat. Gain real-time insights that are crucial for agile marketing decision-making.
  • Export in CSV File or to the SFTP: Easily export your data in CSV format or directly to your SFTP server to manage and analyze your data efficiently.
  • Schedule and Automate Data Refresh: Empower your campaigns and reports with seamless data automation. Schedule regular updates to keep Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Data Extensions consistently refreshed, ensuring that you always work with the most up-to-date information.

Exemples of Requests QAiry Can Handle with Data Views

High-Engagement Subscribers

Efficiently identify and engage with your most active subscribers.
- "Show me the subscribers who have opened at least 5 emails in the past month."
- "I want all the subscribers who have clicked on more than 3 links in the past 2 weeks."

Unsubscribed Users

Monitor and analyze unsubscribed users to understand and reduce churn.
- "Provide a report of users who unsubscribed last month."
- "How many subscribers have unsubscribed in the last 30 days?"

Campaign Performance

Gain detailed insights into your campaign performance, enabling data-driven decisions for future campaigns.
- "What was the open rate and click-through rate for our last email campaign?"
- "Show the bounce rate for the email ' Welcome_2024' sent two weeks ago."

Subscriber Preferences

Understand your subscribers' preferences to tailor your content and increase engagement.
"Which email subjects had the highest open rates?"
- "Which call-to-action phrases generate the most clicks?"

Journey Campaign Tracking

Track the effectiveness of your journey campaigns to optimize subscriber engagement over time.
- "How many subscribers entered into the Journey 'Welcome' since January 2024?"
- "Report the number of new subscribers who joined the 'Loyalty Program' journey in the last quarter."

Automations Monitoring

Keep track of your automations in Automation Studio to ensure smooth operation and quickly address any issues.
- "Give me all automations in error this month."
- "List all automation with the Query Activity 'Welcome_campaign_2024'"

Transform Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Experience

You can delve into subscriber behaviors, email engagement metrics, and more, all without needing to understand or write complex SQL code. This seamless integration allows marketers to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently. Plus, QAiry offers these capabilities for free, empowering your marketing team to leverage the depth of Data Views without the traditional complexities involved.